“La familia de Balms Volver a soñar”is certainly one of my most inspired and outstanding musical compositions, from a musical point of view, and for the human value on which it is based. The human reality of the staff of Balms Abogados is alive in the heart of the lyrics and in the musical harmony. This music work communicates the experiences of an extraordinary, excellent, and unique professional group that has served as a living source of inspiration to compose the work.

The support and patience of my wife Lidia and my little Lili have been essential. They have always been cheering the composition from its first notes and have been a motivation and an inspiration allowing me to give the work its final character and creating the climate to compose it. Both have made it possible from the beginning.

I would like to thank all the partners of Balms Abogados and particularly Juan Luis Balmaseda de Ahumada, partner and founder of the Firm, who instructed me a year ago to compose a anthem that could summarize the spirit and reality of Balms Abogados and its international network of International law firms grouped under the acronym BGI, (Balms Group International). A composition whose challenge is to transmit the spirit of the human, a message of unity and motivation that crosses borders and becomes the benchmark of the organization.

The creative atmosphere was created in a lunch where we were shared our concerns, professional challenges, professional and personal experiences and it has been the beginning of a great loyal and sincere friendship. The work emerged in this favorable and welcoming atmosphere. After a while, some circumstances made possible the musical project that is now a reality. Thank you, Juan Luis, for being an excellent promoter and leader of such a brilliant initiative.

I must also express my gratitude and thanks to Julio Aguado, co-founder partner of Balms Abogados. He has collaborated in everything and got his son, Alvaro Aguado, and his nephew Eddi Recoder, to collaborate in this process. Despite being far away finishing their university studies in England and Holland respectively, this has not been an obstacle to sharing with them an enthusiastic exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

My gratitude to Álvaro Aguado, sound engineer and musician who has overseen mixing and mastering the musical theme in its two versions. He is an excellent person and professional and I must highlight his unconditional help and his great listening skills. Alvaro is a sophisticated craftsman of music and its forms. He has been endowed with high-level technical knowledge and has that extrasensory perception that very few have, what achieves that the essence of a work moves and generates the highest feelings. Due to his extraordinary capacity, potential and talent, I guess that he will lead a new conception; a new generation that will be a main reference in the national and international music industry.

Thanks to Eddie Recoder, editor, and audiovisual producer, who has carried out the editing and production of the videos. He has always been attentive to the entire musical process and has obtained a great audiovisual work thanks to his professionalism. Eddie has proven to be an excellent producer due to the quality of the work he has done in such a short time. He has demonstrated a capacity for synthesis and efficiency and also sensitivity to integrate music and video with the synchrony and cohesion that the project needs, thus showing his excellent skills as a producer.

I must mention the rest of the Firm's partners, both Katja Blackmer and Oscar Gómez have not hesitated to make themselves available to the project and have contributed generously despite the harsh circumstances that have not been an obstacle to support the project. I want to thank you both.

Thanks to Jorge Martín and and Balms Madrid staff, who bet on this initiative from the beginning and did not hesitate to generously contribute. Jorge knew how to interpret the depth of the piece of work and saw at first sight the real underlying background. Thank you.

Let me express my gratitude to Antonio Heredero and Juan Camacho, and to the team of professionals of Balms Galicia. They did not hesitate to contribute, submitting their recordings and contributing generously to the project from the very beginning. I am very proud of their contribution.

I want to express my recognition and my immense gratitude to the team of Balms Abogados Marbella, which I am a part of, and our relatives because they have collaborated and bigheartedly participated making the project a living and exciting reality. The project would be meaningless without them, because the main reference would be missing: The human group that makes Balms Abogados a true Family.

I must especially mention José María Esteban, a close collaborator of the project and a great media professional. José María, known as Chema in our house, head of Press Media at Balms Abogados, has been the guide for the project, giving it the correct format and designing the communication process for all the materials and the entire project. Designing a value, generator of a shock wave that spreads and serves as a stimulus that is currently needed to overcome the unfavorable circumstances that surround us.

Special mention to my colleagues Christine Thiele and Carmen Cantudo, who have offered the musical project on social networks and internet. Both have coordinated and organized all the material to offer it to the many Internet users who will enjoy the effort made.

Likewise, my thanks to my colleague Manuela Blanco, who has coordinated the international implementation of the project, communicating with all the Firms of the international network of Balms Abogados for the submission of their audios and videos to incorporate them as well.

Finally, I am very grateful for the involvement and the high participation of the partners of the international network, BGI, which has been a boost. The participation of the Lawyer partner of BGI France, Jean-Christophe Bouchard, interpreting the theme on the piano, as well as that of the other international partners, singing the theme song from their homes and workplaces, has been a gift for my senses. There is no greater gift than to see and hear how the melody has been repeated and chanted in more than 20 countries around the world.

This musical work has served as a vehicle of union and solidarity and demonstrates once again that music is a universal language that removes barriers and transcends all human borders, and also shows that every project is carried out with effort and dedication.

Francisco Lorenzo